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Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Review

I just want to start off by saying that I am ridiculously late on the bandwagon with this foundation, but if you're anything like me, when it comes to foundation, I find something I love and stick to it. 
This was the case for around about 18months where I'd stuck to Clinique's Superbalanced Make-up and no matter what other foundation I tried, I always ended up returning to my trusty Clinique foundation.

Then there comes a time when you buy something on a whim, and you have to explain to your boyfriend why you can't pay your half of Pizza Express as you've just spent £32 on a foundation! Part of me wanted to hate this foundation so I wouldn't have to spend this ridiculous amount of money again, but alas, I love it.

As this foundation has been around for a long while, there are a fair good few reviews floating around on blogs and YouTube, which you have all undoubtedly read/watched, so I won't bore you with all the technicalities, but I will share a few of my thoughts on this pricey little beaut of a foundation!

Firstly I've always wanted to have something from Chanel in my make-up bag, as superficial as that sounds, it really is the luxury in make-up and it makes me feel like a grown up when I see it in my bag ha! The packaging is exactly what one would expect from Chanel, but ladies this really isn't a good enough reason alone to buy a foundation!

 I was colour matched at 20 Beige, which is pretty much perfect for me. Colour matching my skin is something that many ladies at make up counters struggle to do as I'm relatively pale, with pink undertones. Once at an Estee Lauder counter, 6 shades were tried on my face before one that matched was found, and even then when I got the sample home it was far too dark!  

 Anyway back to this foundation....
The fact it has SPF 15 is perfect for me as I'm not one for putting on sunscreen before my foundation as I am far too lazy and forgetful . The chanel website states 'its crystalline fragrance accentuates the sensation of freshness and pleasure on application' which I'd have to agree on, it has a nice,clean, fresh scent which makes it all the more luxurious! 
The website also says to apply the foundation with your fingers to work it into the skin, but as I am wild and play by my own rules, I apply it with a Real Techniques buffing brush. I find this way, I get the desired 'second skin' flawless look and just generally find it easier with a brush. 

Overall this foundation gets a massive thumbs up for me, as it is pretty much perfect!
I do urge those of you who are stuck in a rut with your foundation to try this beauty from Chanel, but maybe do the sensible thing and get a sample first as £32 is a lot of money to part with if you don't get on with it.

 Obviously this foundation isn't for everyone and there may be a lot of you who have already tried it and didn't get on with it, but this is my new love in foundations and I will continue to repurchase even if I can hear  my debit card screaming haha.....


  1. Glad you like it. It didnt work for me, just sat on my skin and slid all around it! lol

  2. great review! i think i might check it out as i've been really disappointed with the new YSL one!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  3. Great review, I'm so glad that I didn't get on with this foundation otherwise I'd be bankrupt! My sister uses it religiously and it makes her skin look flawless x

  4. I'd love to try this, I need to get matched to see if they go pale enough for me. It sounds divine, agreed on the procetag but you're allowed to treat yourself :-) it's good you've found something that works for you! xx

  5. I have yet to start using foundation, but great review I'll have to think about trying this one! :)


  6. one of my all time favorite foundations, I agree the SPF is defs a big bonus !

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Claire x

    Mon Cheri


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