Sunday, 28 April 2013

Harry Potter World

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It has been 8 months! Or 220 days (for those who like numbers ha) since I last posted on my bloggy blog and I can only apologise!

 My main reason why I haven't is that I started a new job (it's not new now as I started October 1st but it was new then). I am now a fully fledged Dialysis Nurse ands the hours are crazy, 8 hour shifts, 12 hour shifts and 17hour shifts, I've done them all! Trying to fit in seeing my boyfriend, friends and family was challenging enough so my blog took a serious back seat for a little  long while! Now I'm 7 months in and am able to juggle the hours and everything else in life I thought I'd give blogging a second go!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my lovely sister and her fiancĂ© took me to Harry Potter World and it was A.mazing!! Here are just a few photo's:  

If you are a Harry Potter fan then I urge you to go, you will have the most amazing time ever, you actually feel like you're in Hogwarts and even get to drink Butter Beer! 

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and I will definitely be posting more regularly haha!

Adios Amigos 


  1. So nice to see you back! Hope you had a lovely birthday xx

  2. What a lucky girl... I would like to visit it to
    xx, Malena
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