Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's A Nude Thing

Following on from my Estee Lauder lipsticks post, I thought I'd write a little review on what was one of my newest lipstick purchases...Barely Nude.

The picturemakes the lipstick look like the perfect nude but in reality it's a lot darker which I surprisingly really like. It's a creme finish which feels moisturising and isn't cakey but it does tend be slightly drying which isn't something I've really experienced with any of the other Estee Lauder lipsticks. The durability of the lipstick isn't as great as one would like considering it is a creme finish, but I always find I have to reapply lipsticks a considerable amount due to always being in air conditioned or over heated environments.  

I am wearing the lipstick in this picture and although the lighting is awful you can see that the lipstick is a lot darker on application than it appears in the tube. (I'm the one on the right btw) 

Overall Thoughts
I love the colour of the lipstick on application and as with every Estee Lauder Lipstick I love the packaging! Despite it being slightly drying I am pleased with this purchase, it may be more suitable for those with darker skin tones but I like the way it looks with my milky, pale complexion.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Discovery of a Gem

I was rummaging through my ever so organised  messy make up drawer and came across a product that I don't remember purchasing and with that in mind, I don't think I've ever used it prior to my recent discovery.
The product is * drum roll please*

An Iridescent Mascara Topcoat and Shimmering Lipgloss
It doesn't look spectacular and the name, in my opinion is slightly lame, but I just love love LOVE this product. I'm not usually a fan of the 'two in one' products as they tend to be impracticable, bulky and just don't really float my boat by this is the exception.

The lipgloss is a colour that I haven't seen a lot of, it's a pale, peachy pink with flecks of iridescent glitter and blue undertones which apparently makes you teeth appear whiter compared to lipglosses with pink undertones. The consistency is slightly more sticky than I normally like but it smells like peaches so I think that overrules the stickiness!

 This swatch isn't great as the lighting is shocking in my bedroom but it does give an idea of how sheer the gloss is and the blue undertones and iridescent glitter. I think this lipgloss is perfect on nude lips as it gives a subtle but chic shimmer and who doesn't want their teeth to look whiter?

The mascara topcoat is a clear base with hints of blue and black tint and lots of peacock blue and purple sparkle! When tried on naked lashes, as I like to call them, this mascara does nothing. It doesn't lengthen, volumise or curl the lashes but when applied as a top coat (as indicated in the name) it leaves a nice shimmer that isn't stupidly noticeable, but when the light catches the glitter the lashes look amazing.
I tried in every room in my house to get a picture of the mascara topcoat but I did not succeed. Alas!

I'm so very glad I rediscovered this product as I feel like I've bought something new without spending any pennies! Sadly BeneFit have discontinued PRROWL and I can't understand why, there was a pretty hefty price tag of £19 on this product so that's probably an element to the discontinuation, but if you can find this product on the internet I would highly recommend it!!

Have a rummage through your make up collection and you may find a little gem that you've previously disregarded and I'm sure you will fall in love with again!

Have a lovely weekend

Friday, 6 April 2012

I could have been a photographer?

This evening as I was writing a post on my perfume collection, my cat Chunk decided to walk all across my laptop and somehow erase everything that I had written with his paws. I don't think he was really bothered about my perfume collection ha. I was, to put it politely, slightly peeved so instead of writing the whole thing again I've decided to just post a few pictures that I have taken this week on Frank, who is my phone. Everyone names their phone right? Anyway you can now feast your eyes on these snaps that I've ever so artistically created...Can you sense the sarcasm?

Chunky the culprit

Some Eyeshadows that I have depotted

My pwetty butterfly fairylight


I tried to be artistic with a pigment, glitter everywhere for days now haha

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram and see more of my amazing creations ha.. my name is Nicola_22 Have a lovely Easter, eat lots of chocolate and enjoy the extra days off of work 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Elizabeth Arden Favourites

I was introduced to Elizabeth Arden a while back by my lovely friend Amy, I had always been an Estee Lauder girl at heart and was, to be honest, a little dubious to try Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics as the name sounded grannyish to me and I had never really looked at any of their collections.
I absolutely adore the packaging, its chic and almost has a vintage look and the quality of the products are pretty much perfect. Somehow a vast amount of products have ended up in my make up collection and I don't how how haha!

 This Color Intrigue Quad is A.mazing, the shadows are sooo pigmented, easy to blend and are perfect for a natural eye. The packaging is sleek and compact with a decent sized mirror which is perfect to bring in your handbag

 This is my go to blush at the present. I'm a huge fan of mineral make up and this blush is just perfect for my skin tone and a small amount really brightens up my complexion. It's a nice warm shade and the packaging is what I would call granny chic which is perfect for me.
If you've been reading my blog for a little while you will have seen me mention this lipstick before. It is a peachy orange (I'm awful at describing colours) with iridescent glitter. It gives a subtle sheen to the lips which makes it perfect for day time and I have to say this is my favourite purchase from Elizabeth Arden.

Do you have any favourites from Elizabeth Arden? 

P.S Sorry for my lack of posts yet again I have been horrendously busy with work and everything else. Hope you all have a wonderous week