Monday, 27 February 2012

A Whole New Wold

"Thank you for choosing "Magic Carpet" for all your travel needs. Don't stand until the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Goodbye, now. Goodbye. Goodbye, thank you. Goodbye. Well, how about that, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?"

It was just one of those day's today, the one where everything just seems to get on top of you and turn you into a mess! Mainly because my boyf is still working away, I counted the weeks wrong as I'm no mathmatician and almost had a little breakdown when he said he's not back until Friday, also as I'm coming to the last part of my degree I'm starting to worry what I'm going to do with my life. Although I have a job lined up, it's not even remotely linked to my degree and I'm such a worrier that I'm getting all in a muddle and feeling very meh!!

To cheer myself up, this evening I put on my all time FAVOURITE film, if you havent guessed by the title of the post and the quote at the top, it's.... ALADDIN  (I'm so totally cool ha). I love this film so much, I really feel that the Genie and I could be real good buddies if he were real and we would have a jolly good time flying around on a magic carpet with a monkey, I really do live in magical, childish dream world ha!
I don't know what it is about this film but it makes me feel all warm inside and I seem to think about all the good times that I have encountered in my wonderful 21 years that I have graced...possibly not the right word there but hey ho...planet earth!!

So if you too are having one of those days, stick on your favourite feel good film, eat your body weight in all that bad fatty stuff that we all love so much and just enjoy that warm nice feeling that you get... when hearing the genie sing haha!!♥.

It Should Me in That Picture Instead of Aladdin

P.S I will be doing more beauty/ cosmetic/ fashion posts real soon I promise ♥.

Monday, 20 February 2012

You'll Get By If You Smile

Ahoy hoy! I sat down earlier this morning to do a post on my favourite lipglosses (keeping in with the theme of my last post) but to be honest it got a little tedious, my camera is so sucky that I have to take gazillions of photo's just to find one decent one and also the lighting in my bedroom is atrocious! I have the teeniest tiniest box room with bay windows which would lead you to believe that I'd have glorious sunlight beaming through all day but noooo, I have no sunlight like a tiny woodlouse living in....well... wood? Also I was just feeling a little bleurgh this morning and so this post just wasn't happening today. Alas!!

So instead of doing the post I watched 10 hours worth of The Inbetweeners which has made me giggle my pants off and has brightened up my whole day and made me want to do a post on the things that are making me smile right now:

♥ I received a phone call today confirming that I finally have a job interview at 11am Wednesday eeeek.. Fingers crossed all goes well!!
♥ The boyf is only working away for two more days and then we are reunited....YAY
♥  My order from Next with my work suit (yawn) and new shoes :) are being delivered tomorrow
♥ My big fat cat Chunky and the cuddles I get from him
♥ The prospects of a girly holiday being booked soon
♥ The fact that I have 63 followers on my blog. I really am grateful to everyone that has, commented, read and followed my blog! I know 63 followers may not seem a lot to people who have 10 gazillion followers but I really do appreciate every single comment and everyone of you lovely people who has followed me. Thanks Girlies...♥

Just a few photo's that make me SMILE
Chunky The Best Cat In The world
Moi And The Best Friend On A Drunken  Night Out

The Last Girly Holiday to Zante: Moi, Ames, Alloooo

Beautiful Sunset in Cyprus With The Boyf xxx

I would have put a photo of Aaron and I on here as he is what makes me smile the most, but he's more of a behind the camera guy and I'm not sure he would have appreciated his face being all over my blog ha!!What are the things that are making you smile at the moment?
 Hope you all have a fantabulous week ♥

Monday, 13 February 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks

Recently I've become a little obsessed with lipsticks, I love how they can be subtle and natural and other times they can completely change and complete your whole look. I don't have a huge collection of lipsticks but I have got 8 definite favourites that I wear regularily. Some are new purchases and some are extremely old and they range from dark reds to nudes♥.

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick Sun Blush Sheer

Barry M 101

Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Candy 116

Bourjois Docteur Glamour 23 Orange Charnel

L'Oreal Color Riche 164 Rouge Concorde

No7 Stay Perfect 55 Glace

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Apple Blossom

Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick 123 Fig

I like to wear these lipsticks on a daily basis, Glace, Rouge Concorde and Fig are mainly for nights out and the rest I usually wear for the day time. I never really alternate my lipsticks for the different seasons as I tend to just wear what I feel suits my mood best.
Lipsticks are definitely a staple in my make up collection and I'm looking to expand my collection further, Are there any Lipsticks that you can reccommend I buy?
 Hope you've all had a wonderous Monday and enjoy what's left of the evening ♥.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

What's In My Make Up Bag?

I've seen this post on quite a few blogs and like a genuine sheep I've decided to do it too. I always find it interesting to see what people keep in their make up bags and also a little dangerous for my bank balance as I always end up seeing something that I want have to buy :). My make up bag consists of:

My Camera is so sucky, apologies once again haha
♥ Clinique Superbalanced make up: shade 3 Ivory 
♥ 2true Smooth Matte Pressed Powder: shade 1
 ♥ BeneFit "That gal" Primer
 ♥ Estee Lauder Artists Eye Pencil: Soft Smudge Black
♥ Lancome L'extreme Mascara
♥ Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner
♥ No7 Beautiful Brows pencil: shade 15 Blonde
 ♥ Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder: Shade 001 Translucent
♥ BeneFit Bella Bamba Blush
♥ BeneFit Low Profile Silky Powder Eye Shadow
 ♥ Classic Carmex
♥ Clinique Viramin C Lip Smoothie: Strawberry Bliss

I normally have my make up brushes in there but I've taken them out to give them a well needed clean and also my concealer should be in there but it's in my make up drawer and I'm too lazy to get up and get it haha. My make up bag isn't as interesting as I'd hoped ...Maybe yours is more interesting than mine?
I'm going to venture out in the snow now..meh!! Have a lovely Sunday ♥

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Twitter Confusion

I'm not sure if it's just me but is twitter the most confusing thing around?!! Carissa from vanillacrush kindly recommended twitter to me as a great way of finding other beauty bloggers so I jumped straight on that bandwagon and am now officially on twitter!!
There is just one problem though, I am completely and utterly confuzzled by the whole concept and workings of twitter. If anyone would care to explain to me what I'm supposed to do on it I would be extremely grateful as I have noooo idea what I'm doing!!

You wouldn't think a 21 year old girl would have this much trouble understanding something that is sweeping the nation and I'm pretty sure a small child would not have this confusion but I just not sure I understand it ha! Aaaaaanyway after that long rant you can follow my twitter thingymajig @nicoohlala73 and see if I ever work out what on earth I am supposed to be doing haha!
Hope you've all had a lovely week ♥.