Monday, 11 June 2012

Hair Of The Day...Bohemian Bun

No Make up...ERGH!

This morning my hair was as flat as pancake and could have quite possibly done with a wash and blowdry! Instead of going of through the whole process of washing and blowdrying ( It takes me so long as I have sooo much hair), I spritzed lots of Batiste all over, parted it and did a large bohemian twist on the left side of my hair. I brought the plait to the right side of my head and secured it with the right side of hair in a messy bun. I then hairsprayed the hell out of it and headed out in the horrendous rain and wind. Where on earth has Summer gone?

I took these pictures after being out in the monsoon (slight exaggeration) and think that it lasted pretty well. I'm surprisingly very pleased with this quick simple updo...I hope you like it.



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  2. That looks so beautiful - do you have any training as hairdresser? I could never achieve such a nice result :( xx

    1. Aww thank you, unfortunately I don't have any training but I tend to play around with my hair a hell of a lot and try new things...sometimes my hair looks hideous haha! I am going to do a couple of YouTube videos on how I do my hair so if you're interested in seeing how to do it then you can always have a nosey on there xx

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