Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hair Of The Day...Simple Updo

I thought today I'd do a quick and my first ever Hair of The Day Post. I was having a nightmare with my hair this morning, my fringe wouldn't sit right and I think I may have left my conditioner in too long as it looked a tad greasy so I thought I'd try a simple updo. 

I have such a cheesy grin ha
Trying to do a pout but ending up looking a strange haha
I literally just twisted the back sections of my hair and tied them together as you would with the start of a bow. I then used kirby grips (bobby pins) to secure it and then brought the front sections to the back and pinned them into place. My fringe is getting far too long and in need of a snip but I twisted it to the side and also pinned that in place.  I added the flower head band just to cover up the messy sections and it also helped keep my fringe in place. This took the whole of 5 minutes to do and I think it looks quite boho chic! 

Hope you like it girlies, if you have any questions ask away.


  1. Gorgeous! Looks really sophisticated and summery. Want to try this out now xx

  2. Looks really good, I'm so bad at fancy updo's! xo

  3. oh my goodness, this is so pretty. I'm SO bad at doing hair I just don't have the patience. This looks beautiful on you!x

  4. The updo is so pretty! I'm so bad with hair stuff, and I usually just end up with a simple ponytail. I guess I'll just have to practice more. :)

  5. You look really beautiful here, and I hate it when I leave my conditioner in too long and my hair looks greasy! Love this up do :)
    Just started following you, cant wait for future posts :)

    Karys x

  6. how did you do this? it is so fab i wanna try it! can you do a youtube video please?

  7. beautiful! you should do a diy of how to do that!


  8. That looks great...can't believe you only did that in 5 minutes:)

  9. Thanks girlies :) I think I will do a short video on youtube on how to do this as it really is easy! My channel is nicoohlala73 and I'll most probably upload it within the next week xx


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