Friday, 15 June 2012

Calorie Counting

This is a different type of post from me today girlies and that is due to the fact that over the past 3 years or so I have become quite, lets just say, Chunky. 
I think my time at uni played a huge part in my weight gain. To me studying = FOOD! Lets face it is anyone ever healthy at uni? Uni for me, consisted of late nights, skipping meals, vast amounts of alcohol consumption (I was a student not an alcoholic) and spending my money on clothes and make up rather than food, this is just a recipe for disaster!
Now I'm living back home with the parentals. I've become slightly more health conscious (In other words my size 10 jeans are a tight squeeze) and I've taken the plunge and started calorie counting and exercising! Obviously exercise is the main component of weight loss but I really want to start eating healthily as I know that I always feel better after eating a healthy meal opposed to eating pizza.

 Previously when I've tried to diet all that seemed to be on my mind was food but to combat this I've downloaded a Calorie Counting app on my iPhone, and this has allowed me to plan and document exactly what I've been eating and the calories I am consuming. I'm aiming for a 1500 calorie a day diet but have actually been floating around the 1000 calorie mark as I have been cutting out all of the unnecessary junk that I used to eat.
I've substituted bread for Ryvita, Crisps for Snack a Jacks and all white pasta for brown pasta. Instead of having a chocolate for a snack I now have a Satsuma or a low fat yogurt, and my main meal is now at lunch time so that I can have a light dinner, which really helps as I don't exercise in the evenings. 

I've been sticking to calorie counting for roughly 3weeks and I can see the benefits already, I'm not as lethargic as I previously was and I have already lost 6lbs which is very good news indeed. Fingers crossed I keep it up and I'll end up having a body like Kim Kardashian in no time (I can dream right?) Haha!

Do you have any calorie counting/weight loss tips?


  1. I've started my beach body diet and it's going well so far. Good luck with your calorie counting.


  2. I THINK you're doing all the right things already, especially changing to brown carbs. 6lbs is great - well done you!!! :)


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