Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cheapsmells: Order 1

                  So it's early Tuesday morning and it seems like I've been waiting forever for my cheapsmells delivery to come (in actual fact its only been about 3days but I'm very impatient ha!).Cheapsmells.com, for those who haven't come across it before, is a website that sells an array of high end and "drug store" brand cosmetics, fragrances and hair products for discounted prices. (Result right??)
           I received the first part of my order on Saturday morning (just in time for New Years Eve) and I was slightly dissapointed as only one item had been delivered. But when I opened the package it was MAC's Lipglass in Pink Clash. This is only my second MAC product as my first (Forgery eyeshadow) was a bitter dissapoinment so I was slightly dubious to purchase another product from MAC.

Such dodgy photography, couldn't get decent light for a swatch so this will have to do :)

              I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the Lipglass, although the name is "Pink Clash" I found it to be slightly more orange than pink but that didn't bother me as it was super shimmery with hints of gold sparkle and was really pigmented. The consistency wasn't what I was expecting (slightly more sticky... but still looks gorgeous on). I've read reviews that have said the lipglass doesn't stay on for longer than 30minutes but mine stayed on for a whole lot longer that.

                After buying this I am now swaying towards buying more MAC products due to the rave reviews of many of their cosmetics and maybe Forgery was just a one off?? A very good purchase from MAC thanks cheapsmells.com and I can't wait for the rest of my order to be delivered :)


  1. I really love cheapsmells, I also buy Tigi products from there. Definitely tempted to buy some Lipglass's as well as they're so much cheaper than normal!
    Also have you seen how cheap cha cha tint is on there!?
    Definitely my favourite website!
    Love the post

  2. Aaah thank you :) I know it's amazing, I've got more products hopefully coming in the post today yay!!
    Nicola xx

  3. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D

    xoxo Effy


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